3 ingredient and virtually syn free chocolate cake

Some of you may not now that I have recently joined Slimming World for a third time, what’s the saying, third time lucky? I’m determined to shift this last 2 and a half stone by June for my friend’s wedding. Plus, my highest performing post on the blog is my recipe for Quark Pancakes so figured there must be a big enough audience for sharing my syn free chocolate cake recipe! I know you’re out there somewhere!

I was recently inspired by my friend Kate at Wit Wit Woo to try out a recipe for chocolate cake (which is extremely good for you on the Slimming World diet, by the way). We were chatting after I read her post and realised that if you used just changed two of the ingredients for options, you could lower the syns even more (she made it around 1 syn per slice), making this chocolate cake, virtually syn free!

So here’s my adapted recipe for Virtually syn free chocolate cake.

What you need:

  • 6 eggs (separated to whites and yolks)
  • 70g sweetener
  • 3 x 11g Cadbury Options sachets or 7 level teaspoons in the flavour of your choice – I used Belgian Chocolate Orange

What you need to do (again thanks Kate for trying this out first!):

  1. Preheat your oven to 185°C
  2. Line your cake tin with greaseproof paper, or spray a little frylight into the bottom.
  3. Whist the egg whites until they form soft peaks.
  4. In another bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients including the egg yolks. Add a little splash of water if you find the mixture is quite stiff.
  5. Fold in the egg whites, a bit at a time, making sure to stir well covering all the egg.
  6. Pour the mixture into your tin.
  7. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean when stabbed in the centre of the cake.

There you have it virtually syn free and very yummy and light. As an 11g sachet of options is 1.5 syns you’re looking at 4.5 syns for the whole cake, but I wouldn’t recommend eating the whole cake in one go! You could always add another sachet depending on how chocolatey you like yours! And what about trying out all the other flavours too. Here’s the syn value of each, just make sure you amend the syn count if you use a higher syn flavour:

Product Syns
Options Belgian Choc (11g serving) 2
Options Belgian Choc, Mint (11g serving)
Options Belgian Choc, Orange (11g serving)
Options Belgian Choc, Caramel (11g serving)
Options Belgian Choc, Coconut (11g sachet)
Options Belgian Choc, Hazelnut (11g serving)
Options Belgian Choc, Salted Caramel (11g sachet)
Options Belgian Choc, Turkish Delight (11g serving)
Options Belgian Choc, Sweet Popcorn (11g serving) 2
Options Belgian Choc, Strawberry, Limited Edition (11g sachet) 2
Options White Choc (11g serving) 2
Options Indulgence (16g serving) 3
Options Indulgence, Belgian Chocolate (16g sachet)
Options Indulgence, Belgian Chocolate Dark (16g sachet)
Options Indulgence, Belgian Chocolate Fudge (16g sachet)
Options Indulgence, Belgian Chocolate Cherry (16g sachet)
Options Indulgence, Belgian Chocolate Brownie (16g sachet)
Options Indulgence, Belgian Chocolate Banoffee (16g sachet) 3
Options Indulgence, Belgian Chocolate Winter Spice (16g sachet) 3

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18 thoughts on “3 ingredient and virtually syn free chocolate cake

  1. Emma I made it yesterday it’s so nice I have a taster evening tomorrow at slimmers world and I’m going to make it again thank you soooooooo much x

    1. I don’t think so, maybe just needs a little longer cooking. It’s supposed to be quite light and if you’re not used to Slimming World desserts you might not be used to the ‘eggy’ texture. I would say leave it in the oven a little longer to try and firm it up a little more – or next time try adding a little less egg (as much as you can add less egg!)

      1. Thank you Emma. I think it’s because I’m not used to the sw desserts textures. I made brownies the other day and they were the same.
        Are yours a cake texture? I feel pretty silly saying that as there’s no flour so prob not ha ha x

  2. Is it really 70g of sweetner? I added that & once it was cooked it just tasted like pure sweetner. Wasn’t nice at all.
    If I was to ever make it again I’d personally only use 40g or thereabouts. It’s spoiled if being so sweet.

  3. Just tried this recipe for a birthday cake for a slimming world member. The cake didn’t rise and it tasted absolutely disgusting! Back to the drawing board!

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